Improving your Backgammon Game

As Backgammon is a game not based solely on luck, there are ways to improve your game and increase your chances of winning. While lady luck helps in the roll of the dice, playing a string of games will even up the playing field and at the end of the day, skill will come in handy.

1) Play a lot. As with anything, your best bet in improving your game is to play, play, and play.

2) Join a backgammon club. Check your local community club or search online for information. Better yet, form one. Gather your friends and your friends' friends. It will not only better your game, it will surely be fun and meet other people with like interest in the process.

3) Go online and challenge someone across the globe with a friendly game. Yahoo! Games gives each player ratings based on number of wins and losses. The rating system will allow you to identify the player's level and choose your opponent before starting. This way, you do not get beaten black and blue from a veteran or spend time explaining to a newbie the rules of the game. Start by playing with someone of your caliber (ie with a similar rating) and work your way up.

4) Play against the computer. Purchase backgammon games for PC. Or if you are not exactly swimming in cash, there are freeware games waiting to be downloaded. Playing against computer controlled opponents will be a challenge although programs usually allow you to choose your opponent level so you can adjust accordingly. Great visuals and 3D boards enhance the gaming experience.

5) Read books. Pour over recorded games and study moves made by veteran players. Reading will also fast track the learning process. Nothing beats actual play but it will be faster to learn from someone else's mistakes than wait for you to commit one. You might not even realize you made a mistake until your opponent wins and rakes your money. There are a number of books available from novices to intermediate to die-hard, serious, "no-sleep until I win" players. This will certainly increase your learning curve and let you start winning faster!

6) Search the world wide web for tips. The Internet is wealth of information. Join a forum and share tips with other backgammon players out there.

7) Play again. After all, practice makes perfect.

So what are you waiting for? Stop reading and start playing.

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