Controversial Moves In Backgammon

The basic rules in backgammon, at least most of them, are easy to understand and are never disputed. The game is very straightforward; what you see is what you get. It is unlikely that one can cheat, unless one really goes for it. Sometime, it just can't be helped that a few controversial areas of the game appear. Two areas that experts consider create more problems in the game are legal plays and premature rolls.

Basic rules state that a player should follow and play the numbers on the rolled dice. There are occasions when you unintentionally misread the dice. You proceeded to play the wrong numbers and picked up your dice. Rules declare that your opponent can ignore the mistake and accept the play or he can ask you to replay your move and make a legal move. You just squandered possibly one of your or your opponent's best moves.

Casino operators demand to play 'legal moves only'. It is a variation of backgammon rules. Players must only make legal plays and they must point out illegal plays to each other. Spectators are also encouraged to point out illegal plays to either player. This rule clearly promotes a much reasonable and fairer game play. Players are encouraged to be more alert and take everything in with more vigilance and an ever watchful eye. Players who are looking for opportunities to cheat are likewise discouraged.

The other area of controversy is premature rolls. A premature roll occurs when one player immediately rolls his dice even before the other player has completed his move. There is an issue whether the result of the roll stands or the concerned player needs to roll again once the other player completes his move. Both of these rules are practiced in most backgammon tournament games. If the roll in question stands, the opponent may get a substantial advantage when he knows he can make some bold plays.

The issue is quite complicated since an opponent who always rolls too soon is extremely annoying and distracting. To avoid this kind of behavior and habit, such tactics should be considered invalid. Any premature roll should be taken as void and the player should be asked to re-roll. The only exception should be in the bear-off when no further contact is possible and premature roll should be allowed to stand. As a player you should be informed of any variation made to the basic rules. You should when and what rules should apply in case any of these controversial moves occur.