Backgammon: Luck or Skill?

Is backgammon a gambling game of luck or skill? This has been long debated on since the inception of this gambling game. Some people think that poker is a more serious gambling game because it requires more skills than backgammon does. Others point out that even if backgammon involves luck, a gambling player still needs tremendous skills to win in this game.

Is it a game of luck? Yes, many believe so. This is because at the start of each round, gambling players must throw their dice, and the outcome has a lot to do with their next move. Sometimes, great gambling players end up losing because of having a shortage of luck. However, people think that this is just a lame excuse that losers use. It is even considered foul to attribute the opponent's win to luck. To the winner, if his opponent tells him that he was so lucky, it means that the other person is insulting him or does not believe he can win on skill alone.

Of course, a gambling player wants to be commended on his gambling skills and not on mere luck. But, there are others who would take luck anytime. Some gambling players depend so much on luck that they would do superstitious things just to somehow increase their luck. These backgammon players perform superstitious rituals, wear their lucky outfit or avoid things that are believed to bring bad luck.

Is it a game of skills? Again, this is correct because even if backgammon involves luck, the gambling player must have good strategy on how to make the most out of his dice roll. Some gambling players, even if given a perfect roll, do not know what to do with it and end up losing. But there are others who, even if given the worst rolls, still emerge victorious. That is where skills come in.

In backgammon, gambling players must be smart in moving their checkers. They must know how to strategically place their checkers. There are different strategies involved in backgammon and a smart gambling player must know how to use them at the right time. Aside from that, gambling players must also be wise in using the doubling cube. Some use it to get more money, while others just want their opponent to back out.

To conclude, we can say that backgammon is a mixture of luck and skill. Therefore, gambling players should not neglect any of these factors, just to prioritize the other. Both luck and skill should always be considered in playing backgammon.