Speaking of Backgammon

Surprisingly, there are a lot of terms used in backgammon. gambling players who would like to learn about backgammon should at least learn first a few of these terms before playing the game. Knowledge of these terms will make it easier for the gambling players to understand the dynamics of the game.

ABT - This abbreviation stands for American Backgammon Tour, which is as prestigious as the World Poker Tour. True gambling fans know this as much as they do know World Poker Tour since this is also a big event.

Accept a Double - this is a gambling player's decision to allow the game to be played further with double stakes after his opponent offered it.

Ace - when a gambling player rolled a die, and the face with number one showed, it is called an ace.

Acey-Deucey - ace means the die showing a one, while a deuce means a die showing a two. This backgammon variant is called as such because in this variant, when a gambling player rolled the dice and one of them showed a one while the other a two, that gambling player takes another turn.

Acting Captain - this is a player in chouette, who takes the role of captain after the real captain has been out of the game. He or she acts as the leader of the team, which is called in backgammon as the crew.

Action Play - a backgammon play in which there will be an action, meaning there will be hits coming from both gambling players. This is an exciting play compared to the other ones.

Action Position - this is a point in which a gambling player may double the stakes.

Active Builder - signifies the marker of a gambling player which is free to create an additional point.

Advanced Level - this is the level after the intermediate one. A gambling player moves from one level to another by improving his skills or tactics.

Ahead in the Count - this means that a gambling player has a lesser pip count compared to his opponent.

Air Ball - this is a surprisingly bad roll of the dice committed by the gambling player.

Analog Clock - actually, this clock is used more in chess than in the gambling game of backgammon, but is used in backgammon sometimes. This clock tells how much time the gambling players have left to make their move. Once the flag of the analog is up, it also means that the gambling player's time is up.