Backgammon Strategies

The rules of backgammon are few and easy to understand. However, in order to conquer the backgammon board, you might want to consider a few strategies. Simple or complex, these will help you win and have fun. There are five basic strategies. Of course, you can improvise based on the things you will learn in this article.

The Running Game Strategy is best used when you have a few chips remaining and these chips are in your inner board. It's actually a race as to who bears all his chips off first. This strategy, however, isn't good when the opponent has most of his chips in his home board and he has a few chips remaining.

The Holding Game Strategy is a no-mercy style of slowly winning by leaving one chip in the opponent's home board. This chip will be used to hit your opponent's chips as he tries to move all of them to his home board. In short, you will try to stop him from entering all his chips home and at the same time try to bear off all your chips.

The Priming Game Strategy is also called the wall strategy, basically because you form a wall of your own chips, six in a row, to block your opponent's moves. It is possible that both players use this strategy at the same time. Lucky is the player who makes a wall of six chips while his opponent has just a five-chip wall. To stop this tie, one has to sacrifice his strong defense, and switch to another strategy.

Backgammon Blitz is as similar as Priming Game and Running game. This strategy requires you to know when to hit your opponent because when you do such, you have to put all your chips home as quickly as possible. If this strategy fails, the effects will favor to your opponent. Careful when your opponent anchors, it's an advantage for them. The opponent is given the chance to escape his trapped chips. That's how risky it is.

The Back Game Strategy, however, is more risky than the Blitz because you'll be doing this in the near end of the game. You leave one of two of your chips in the opponent board to help you blot the opponent's chips. If the roll of your dice doesn't favor your intended moves, then it is trouble for you. As a good start, 20 or more of your chips must be in your home boards, and from these chips you form two anchors, or two walls.

Making effective strategies is a reason why backgammon is considered a gambling game. You have to make big or small time risks in order to move something that is an advantage for you. When you win, you win big. When you lose, learn from your mistakes. Better luck next time.